Breakfast at L’amandier |Worth it

Ever since I saw a fellow foodie’s breakfast pictures from L‘amandier I immediately bookmarked this place. One fine morning my friend and myself decided to check this place out.



This French bistro with exposed bricks and yellow interiors, high ceilings, tall windows with clerestory immediately transports you to Pondicherry. The colorful chairs adds interest to the otherwise simple interiors. The seating area is quite large to accommodate up to 50 persons and also has a mezzanine floor with adequate seating.


We landed there around 8:30 on a Tuesday morning and we were the first ones there. On my way there I had already made up my mind on what to order.

“L’amandier Plate” consists of an egg of your choice, juice, a fruit bowl, herb roasted cheese tomato, chicken sausages, bacon, toast and potato rosti. Since both of us don’t take bacon, they offered to compensate with extra sausages. We ordered a chocolate croissant and mushroom on toast separately.

We didn’t have to wait for long. First to arrive was a medium sized bowl with cut pineapples, watermelon and muskmelon along with the juice. Given a choice between pineapple and watermelon juice I opted for the latter. Next to arrive was the egg (masala omelet) served along with the potato rosti and chicken sausages.

  • The omelet with onions, tomatoes and chilies was just perfect. Seasoned well. It was quite thick so I shared it with my friend.
  • The Chicken sausages were exactly 4 small sausages. They were not all that great and I felt the portion was very small.
  • The potato rosti which was fried grated potato tasted great with the right amount of seasoning however it was very small.
  • Two plain toasts were served along with butter, marmalade and jam which tasted very fresh unlike the bottled ones which we get across the counter. LOVED IT.
  • The Mushroom on toast was the BEST out of all that we tried for breakfast. Thick slices of toast topped with well-seasoned creamy white sauce and a generous portion of mushrooms. It was just too good.  It was very filling, so order it if you’re going to have just that or share it with a friend.
  • The chocolate croissant although huge in size was a complete disappointment. It didn’t taste quite right and felt very greasy on the palate. We left half of it almost untouched.

COST – the L’amandier plate costs 265 INR + tax which i felt was a little on the higher side considering the small portions. The mushroom on toast priced at 150 INR + tax was totally worth it.

IN A NUTSHELL – Now I know where to head for a complete breakfast.  Definitely worth a shot if you like to try one of those English breakfasts.


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