Book Review |The Mahabharata secret

,The Mahabharata secret written by Christopher C. Doyle is a gripping tale about a secret so ancient and powerful, that it could destroy mankind.

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Before you read this review I must tell you that I’m extremely fond of Indian mythology. Having read several versions and contemporary takes on the Mahabharata, I wondered what is new about this one. So when a friend of mine got me the book and insisted that I read it, I simply couldn’t refuse because no matter how many versions of the Mahabharata I have read I have always found a new piece of history in almost every book. So what is the “Mahabharata secret“? Well, this book totally blew my mind.

The Plot

The book begins with a prologue in 244 BC dating back to the time of the Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka ‘The great’ . King Ashoka sends his courtier Surasen on a secret mission. Surasen reports back to Ashoka about the ancient secret he stumbled upon. When Emperor Ashoka sees it with his very own eyes, he realizes the extent of damage the secret could cause if fallen in the wrong hands and decides to keep it a secret forever. In order to protect the secret, the king sets up a secret brotherhood consisting of nine trusted courtiers. 

In the present day, a nuclear scientist Vikram Singh is found murdered in a mysterious manner in his study. He leaves behind clues to his nephew Vijay Singh in the form of five e-mails. How Vijay and his friends decipher the mails which leads them to a location where they find more puzzles which they solve, only to find more clues that will lead them to the secret. How they tackle the villains, decipher the ancient clues left behind by the original nine and find the secret, forms the rest of the story.

My take on the book 

The author has the readers hooked on to the book till the end, because there is no way that anyone could have guessed it. The secret that is talked about in this book, is a topic that is rarely focused in any of the other mythological books that I have read so far. Scientific explanations provided by the author has only made it even more interesting. It will make you ponder over some topics discussed in this book and don’t be surprised if by the end of it you are convinced on some of the ancient theories which we now consider a myth to be have existed in those times. A gripping tale, which won’t let you rest until you have learnt the secret.

Happy Reading 🙂 🙂



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