Spice It – IBIS Hotel | Anna Salai

Here is my review for an on-the-house meal at Ibis, Anna Salai.

From Greams road, take the left on Anna Salai, in a few metres you can spot this building just before the Renault showroom.

Located on the 5th floor, the view that the restaurant has to offer through the windows was sadly very poor. Neat and simple interiors. Nothing special to mention.

The stir fried lotus stem was my favourite amongst the starters. The crispy small bits also make it easier to share. The chicken tikka was tender and juicy.

Although the tawa fish fry was made well, I didn’t enjoy it much. Felt it was too salty for my taste. Between a choice of pineapple rasam and mushroom chicken soup I opted for the latter. It was very plain, nothing great about it.

The drinks were remarkable. Although all restaurants offer mint mojitos, not many strike the right balance between the amount of fresh mints and soda. The Virgin Mojito was very refreshing.

Another drink that was very impressive was the Espresso cooler. It was sweet enough for me and also a little bitter to add the punch of coffee. Loved it. The iced tea was also good. No complaints there.

The Naan pizza was clearly the most loved dish that afternoon. Out of the 4 varieties that were served I liked the Chicken Tikka and the Paneer tikka naan pizza the best, the other two were chicken sausage pizza and spinach pizza.

Paneer Tikka Pizza

I loved the idea of replacing the pizza base with the naan. The makhani instead of the usual tomato sauce was the real twist to this dish. It enhanced the flavour of this desi pizza.

The Madras chicken curry was the best chicken that I had tasted in a very long time. Very flavourful with the right amount of condiments, I just couldn’t fight the temptation to go in for another helping.

Madras Chicken Curry

The Keema biryani was another great dish. For a person like me who seldom enjoys the meat in the biryani, the keema bits were a great blessing. The biryani was packed with flavour and I loved it.

Small portions of pastas, fried rice and noodles were served from the live counter. I enjoyed the pesto penne pasta when compared to the cheesy penne Alfredo and spicy Arrabbiata penne. It had the right amount of seasonings and was creamy enough, not too heavy. Just the way I like it. The Alfredo was a little bland and I’m not a big fan of Arrabbiata. That explains it all.

Penna Arrabiata
From the Live Counter
Penne Alfredo

The noodles were spicy and enjoyed by all. The fried rice was also good along with some stir fried vegetables.

Apart from the above mentioned items, they also had few options for salads and few dips. They didn’t have anything impressive to offer in the desserts section so I skipped it.


If you happen to be in the vicinity, drop in to try the Espresso cooler and the madras chicken curry. You will love it.


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