Hamsa | A Silver lining at Gandhi Nagar

This newly launched restaurant is the talk of the town.

More than the food, the restaurant’s interiors were talked about so much that I was so curious to check it out and luckily I was invited to an on the house dinner along with some fellow foodies. I was so glad that I made it that day because the experience was completely worth it. 



The restaurant looks plush from the outside. A simple and neat elevation with a motif of the hamsa pakshi, a legendary bird native to India catches your attention.

“The hamsa bird is famed for its rare quality of separating milk and water. “




As I entered the restaurant I felt like I was in a different world. Neatly arranged bird cages with flowers in them were to one side. At the reception, I was directed to go to the first floor. As I stepped on to the dining area the sight that was awaiting me was truly breath taking. Intricate jaali work against the walls and beautifully carved columns with majestic capitol at intervals makes one feel like being inside one of the rooms of a palace. An entire wall adorned with gunghuroos and beautiful foil work with glistening stones will leave anyone spellbound.


A chandelier made with traditional lamps hanging from the ceiling formed the center piece. Each of those lamps were cast in the form of the hamsa bird.

On the Second floor is a private dining area. The doors to this room is made out of solid silver with beautiful carvings on them. A massive dining table with chairs decorated with pure silver accessories stands in the center of the room. The walls of this room are clad with black panels on which are depicted scenes of a garden during spring time with flowers and humming birds made entirely out of silver.

The exclusive Silver Dining room

Special mention to the silver ware that were specially designed for the restaurant with motifs of the hamsa bird.


Silver ware with Hamsa motifs


Panchamirtham – I am not fond of this drink at all. I am very reluctant to have it even when offered in temples. But I enjoyed it so much here. It was clearly everyone’s favourite. We helped ourselves to many glasses. The Panchamirtham had a thin consistency and the fruits were all blended so well.



Makkai muthia chaat – deep fried kernels of corn tasted like bel puri because of the tamarind and mint sauce. we all enjoyed it so much that we took several helpings of it.

 Makkai Muthia Chat | Picture Courtesy – hungrychennaifoodie 

Paneer saunfiya – instead of the usual paneer tikka, this was different. Soft triangles of paneer with sandwiched fennel mixture was delicious.

Cheese kurkuri – the ‘desi’ version of Spring rolls. it tasted a little sweet to me in the end. Didn’t fancy it much.


Komal Kakdi kofteh – I was told that the lotus stem was stuffed with apricots. It was packed with flavour. This rich gravy was the perfect combination for the rotis.
Bhagirathi Meher paneer – the paneer was really soft but the gravy was a little sweet to my taste. However some of my friends at the table enjoyed it.


Bhagirathi Meher Paneer | Picture Courtesy hungrychennaifoodie
Urulai roast – The baby potatoes were well cooked and coated nicely in the masala. This is a common dish in every house old and sadly Hamsa’s version was didn’t impress me.
Idiyappam biryani – packed with all the spices it was too strong for me.


Uralai Roast | Picture courtesy hungrycehennaifoodie
Amrud phirni – this phirni with a  hint of guava flavour was just too good. It felt very light. Totally loved it.
Anjeer Aur Adrak halwa – halwa made out of figs and topped with roasted nuts was the perfect way to end our meal.




I enjoyed most of the dishes however there were some which were not to my taste. Since this was a set menu, one can not satisfy everyone’s taste buds. I am sure when I go back again I would be able to pick the right dishes according to my taste.

Attractive ambiance, fantastic food. Hamsa has it all.    

A dear friend of mine shared some of the pictures shot at Hamsa who is also a fellow foodie.

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