Prive | Good vegetarian spread

When I was invited to Prive I went with Zero expectations. There are only a few fine dining vegetarian restaurants which stand out and are frequented by vegetarian families. Little did I know that this restaurant would soon join Cream Centre, Eden and the likes and turn into one such brilliant restaurant.


Since I arrived late I had missed out on the drinks and starters. What was left on the table was the watermelon margarita. A refreshing drink with a hint of spice. Never had anything like this before. Loved it.

Watermelon Margharita

Everyone at the table kept raving about the Chilly Paneer. I’m glad that they ordered one more portion and I got to taste it. Extremely soft paneer cubes deep fried with spicy chilly sauce. A must try dish here. Enjoyed it. The Dahi Puri was good but not the best that I have had. The Pani Puri was just ok.

Chilly Paneer
Pani Puri
Dahi Puri



They have a vast menu with a good variety of dishes so we decided to try one from each category. The farmhouse pizza with a generous amount of toppings was decent. No complaints.

Pink Sauce Pasta

Pink sauce pasta which was made specially to our order was creamy but a little bland to me.


I was the only one at the table who enjoyed the LasagnaInstead of the usual tomato sauce in the filling it was prepared with white sauce and maybe that is why I enjoyed it. Not too creamy. It was just right for me.

Fried Rice

The mixed fried rice and the vegetable teriyaki was a good combination. The fried rice especially was seasoned well and I liked the texture of the rice. Just perfect.


The thick condensed Rabri with kulfi was just TOO GOOD. One has to taste it to experience that taste. Heavenly.

Rabri with Kulfi

The Hot chocolate fudge was another brilliant dessert. One of the best chocolate desserts that I have had in recent times. Perfect way to end the meal.

Hot Chocolate Fudge


Being a multi cuisine restaurant, they have a variety of dishes and one is spoilt for choice. If you are a vegetarian then this is the place to check out. Trust me, you will enjoy it. If you’re non vegetarian then at least drop in to try their chilly planner and their dreamy desserts. You will not be disappointed.
Bon appetit !!

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