Bindaas Rasoi | Truly Bindaas

Located at Shollinganallur, a convenient location of all those working or residing in and around OMR. I’am not familiar with this part of the city. All that I know is that it is very close to Accenture.


Bindaas Menu
When you enter the restaurant you are immediately drawn towards the charpai(traditional woven bed) and worn out looking benches. Makes you feel like in a dhaba. Round plaques carrying some bindaas snippets of sun signs against a marine blue wall forms an attractive feature.
It was a rainy day so we decided to start our meal with some hot soup. Since we were a group of 4, we ordered small portions of Mutton Bone soup and Murgh Shorba. Both the soups were hot, clear and mildly spiced, but I couldn’t find much difference in taste between the two.


Mutton Bone Soup
Since we wanted to try a little of everything, we ordered for a veg and non veg platter. I enjoyed the latter more than the former.




The vegetarian platter was a little disappointing. Apart from the crispy Harra Barra Kebab nothing else stood out. The spinach, peas and cottage cheese patties were clearly everyone’s favourite at the table.

Tandoori Jheenga

The non vegetarian platter stole the show. I enjoyed all the starters especially the Ajwaini Fish tikka which was so fresh and moist and the Tandoori Jheenga, the juicy prawn tikka with a robust tandoor flavour. It was so good that we ordered another plate. The Kakori kebab was another starter that I liked.

We ordered Pindi Channa, Teeka murgh and Paneer butter masala to go with a basket of assorted breads. The stuffed paneer paratha didn’t impress me much. The filling tasted very plain and didn’t go with the gravy. The butter roti was so soft and oozing with butter. It was perfect with the gravies.




The Pindi Channa was just brilliant. Well cooked Channa in a rich and dense gravy with the right amount of condiments was enjoyed by all. The onions dusted with red chilly powder served as an accompaniment with the Channa was welcomed by all. The Teeka murgh packed with a lot of flavour was another gravy I enjoyed. The panner butter masala was a little bland to me.

Pindi Channa
Our meal so far was going great so we were excited to try their biryani and ordered a Mutton Biryani and Murg Dum Biryani. Both the biryanis tasted good but not the best that I have had.



With every bite that I took there were a lot of spices that kept coming my way in the biryani and that put me off. Maybe they should try packing the spices in a muslin cloth and add it to the biryani.

This restaurant made me fall in love with Indian desserts again. The humble Gulab jamun with chocolate filling was just great. However the chocolate could have been a little more gooey.


Chocolatey Gulab Jamun

The Litchi Ki Tekri was the best among all the desserts we tasted here. Condensed milk served with a generous amount of litchis and roasted nuts tasted so heavenly.

Litchi Ki Tekri

The Ras malai was unbelievably soft. It was not too sweet. Just right for me. It kept us craving for more.

Ras Malai

The Gajar Halwa served with ice cream was just delicious.

Gajar Halwa
We were served some lip-smacking Kesar Lassi at the end of our meal. The lassi was so thick that I couldn’t draw it out of the straw. It was an absolute delight. I made a mental note to stop by and at least pick up one of these the next time I pass by OMR. Couldn’t have asked for a better ending than this to our meal.


Kesar Lassi
I wouldn’t mind travelling all the way for their starters and desserts on a weekend. Folks working in OMR, this is the place to be. Definitely worth a shot.
Go Bindaas!!

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