Paprika | Courtyard by Marriott

Paprika, the signature restaurant of Courtyard by Marriott has come up with a new menu and I was invited along with a bunch of other bloggers to check it out. Here is a my take on their new spiced up menu.


Right on Anna Salai opposite to Hyaat. Hard to miss.


Paprika occupies the ground floor of Courtyard by Marriott. Warm, spacious and inviting ambience.


The Chicken Pallipalayam stuffed in mini puris looked visually attractive but failed to entice our taste buds. The puris had lost their crispness because of the hot filling, luckily hey had not become soggy. The chicken needed a little bit of salt and hence tasted very flat.

Pallipalayam Chicken

The Chettiyar Spice Paneer tikka was soft and tasty. No complaints here. The Meat balls (lamb) tasted like sausages and I enjoyed it. However, the sauce was too not to my taste.

Chettiyar Spice Paneer Tikka

Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Sushi was served. I preferred the former. The non-vegetarian sushi was unpalatable even when had with the sauce. But that’s just me.


Among the different variety of breads served (roti, naan, lacha paratha, kulcha) the Methi paratha stood out. Thin and evenly rolled out, the stuffing was uniformly distributed.

Mango Fish Curry

The Mango fish curry served had the sourness of the mango but I was missing the sweetness of the tomatoes because that is how I like my fish curry. The others at the table enjoyed it with steamed rice.

Lal Mass Mutton Curry

The Dal seasoned with green chillies stole the show. The simple dal was clearly the most liked dish of the day. We relished it so much that some of us took several pieces of rotis just to have more of the dal.

Lasooni Palak Paneer

The well-seasoned and soft Lasooni Palak Paneer was another great dish to go with the rotis. The Lal Mass Mutton curry was spicy with robust flavours.


Right from Indian desserts like Jangree, Doodh peda and Gulab Jamun to Florida Gateaux, apple crumble and Mango cheesecake, Paprika has a good spread of desserts. The Japanese cheesecake was like a sponge cake.

Dessert Counter

The Banoffee served in a glass was so good. Loved it. The Chocolate fudge cake was so gooey. Ultimate dessert for a chocoholic like me who loves dark and bitter chocolate.



Apart from a few dishes, the others didn’t really stand out. On the whole, a decent fare.


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