Writer’s Cafe | Reader’s Paradise

The recently launched Writer’s Cafe is definitely a dream come true for me. Located at Royapettah on Peter’s road near Saravana Bhavan, this place has made it to everyone’s MUST VISIT list. 


A series of vertical garden with a classy black sign board welcomes you. Once you step inside it’s a different world in there. 

The smell of new books and the aroma of food, is pure bliss. God Bless the person who came up with this concept. 

Partnering with Higginbothom’s this cafe runs for a noble cause and that is rehabilitation of women who are burn victims. The victims are being trained specially by a chef from Switzerland. 

The tables look very informal with sketches and markings on their surface which is quite nice and the chairs are very comfortable. My friends and myself checked out the menu and we were surprised to find the rates very affordable. Once we ordered the food, we decided to check out the floor above. 


The first floor had reading lounges with cozy sofas and also some long tables and chairs for a large gathering. I’m guessing they might be having book launches here. Young adult fiction, kids fantasy, mythology and Tamil books, you name it and they have it. 



For starters we ordered some fries and onion rings, however the first to arrive was the Roasted Chicken and picked Chillies Pizza. This is the first time I had seen a pizza that was square in shape. Well it’s called a Flammkuchen which roughly translates into “pie baked in the flames”. It was so light, slightly crispy yet cheesy with a decent amount of chicken and pickle toppings. 

Roasted Chicken and Pickled Chillies Flammkuchen

The next to arrive was Fries with Swiss Cheese. It was just perfect. The Onion rings served with Tartar sauce was also great. Quite different from what I’ve had in other restaurants. 

Fries with Swiss Cheese
Onion Rings


The Grilled spring chicken had a lovely smoked flavour. It tasted so good that we did not even spare the grilled capsicums which I usually ignore. This was under the mains section while I felt it was more of a starter. 

Grilled Spring Chicken

We ordered for a Red sauce pasta and it was just ok. There was nothing different about it. 



They had a good collection of pastries on display but we were in the mood to have some Waffles and Pancakes. They were both served with maple syrup and whipped cream, and were plated in a very simple manner. Nothing very fancy.


We enjoyed both the waffles and the pancakes but the taste of egg was quite prominent in both especially the pancakes. But when topped with maple syrup and whipped cream it was just delicious. 


The staff were gentle and courteous. We didn’t have to wait for long for the food to arrive. Actually they were very quick. 


With the kind of ambience this place has to offer, the cost of the food was very economical, the highest would be 200/- INR for a dish. Our total bill came to 1032/- including the taxes which was VFM. 


Definitely a place that I will be visiting very often. With great ambiance, books to keep you company and easy on the wallet, Writer’s cafe has it all. 


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