Namma Ooru Sapadu| The Park

601 at The Park is having a food festival for 2 days that is up to Feb 10th. Unlike the usual continental fare, this time they’ve come back to our roots. 


The food festival titled “Namma Ooru Sapadu” serves traditional food which is quite common in every house old in the South. Chef Vijaya Raghavan, who hails from Madurai, has carefully put together this menu which consists of dishes like a simple omelette to a complex Boti curry. The chef informed us that the recipes of some of the dishes are from his grandmother’s cookbook. 

Kola Urundai

They had put together a special menu for us and the carnivore in me was so thrilled. To start with we were served Ilai Kozhukattai, which is nothing but flat rice cakes with jaggery and grated coconut steamed in Poovarasam leaves. The kozhukattai had acquired the flavour of the leaves and that’s what makes them so special. We enjoyed it. 

Elai Kozhukattai

The Karandi Omelette was stuffed with Kozhi Chukka and presented in a traditional Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan. The omelette was fluffy and well seasoned. The tiny pieces of Kozhi Chukka were cooked well and was very tasty. The deep fried Kola Urundai did not disappoint us. 

Karandi Omelette stuffed with Kozhi Chukka

Next up was Veechu Parotta which was nice and thin with hardly any trace of oil. It was served it with Kozhi Salna which was not very rich. 

Veechu Parotta with Chicken Salna

My personal favourite amongst the dishes was the Nattu Kozhi Kalaki. I’ve tried this dish in several restaurants but liked it the best here. The soft kalaki was well seasoned and cooked to perfection. It was just brilliant. Loved it. 

Nattu Kozhi Kalaki

I relished the Dubera idly with Boti Kuzhambhu. I think it was a brilliant combination. The idly batter is poured into tumblers and steamed, hence the name. Boti Kuzhambhu was just too good. 

The Podi Kal Dosai served with was another great dish. The Podi dosai was thick and spongy with a generous layer of podi on it. It went very well with Paalkatti (Paneer) Chettinad which was spicy and hot with a good dose of pepper. 

I must mention the beautiful presentation. A lot of effort has gone into presenting them with a rustic touch.



For dessert we were served Elaneer Payasam which was simply out of the world. One of the best desserts that I’ve relished in quite a while. Loved the flavour of coconut milk and the tender coconut grits added so much texture to this heavenly dessert. 



Get a taste of Namma Ooru Sapadu. You’ll not regret it. 


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