Taste of Mediterranean | The Dining Room

Some of us bloggers were invited to the Dining Room (Park Hyatt) to check out the Mediterranean food festival which is on till this 25th March which is this Sunday.

It was a lavish buffet spread featuring the delicious culinary traditions of Eastern Mediterranean, Southern European and North African cuisines.

Date: March 17th to 25th

Time: 7 P.M. to 11 P.M.

Price: Rs. 1600++ taxes per person for dinner

Moroccan Tea

To begin with, we were served some hot Moroccan Tea which was infused with mint and sugar. Being a huge fan of TEA, I enjoyed this hot beverage as a welcome drink. It was so good that I asked for a second round of it tea. This is the kind of tea that you would want to keep sipping throughout the day.



They had laid out the Mediterranean dishes along with the regular buffet. So for soup, instead of the Truffle Scented Potato and Leek Soup which was part of the festival, I opted for the Mutton Shorbha which tasted great. To go with the soup we were served some delicious Omani Bread. Stuffed with dried tomatoes, pesto, olives and Feta cheese, it was the clear winner at the table.


The salad counter had some lovely crab salad, sun dried tomatoes with garlic, hummus, baba ghanoush and a couscous salad. Loved all the salads. They were healthy, fresh and delicious.



My favourite among the starters was the Spanakopita, a Greek savory pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese. Felt so light and crispy. I also enjoyed the Zucchini and mint fritters. I liked that they had used bread crumbs to hold the grated zucchini together instead of potatoes. Balik Koftesi, a Turkish dish of fish patties with garlic yoghurt was also good.



They had a live Shawarma counter where it was made to our choice, which was a great blessing for me personally because I always feel that the ones we get in some restaurants have an overload of mayonnaise and because of this I refrain from ordering this in any restaurant. I simply enjoyed the Shawarma that was customized for me.

Grilled Fish

Malfatti, another spinach based dish with ricotta and parmesan cheese made into dumplings on a bed of tomato and bell pepper sauce was another brilliant dish. It is very similar to gnocchi.


Pazi Yaprakli Kuzu Lncik Kapamasi, the lamb shank not only looked great but also tasted so good. The meat was cooked to perfection. Loved it.

Lamb Shank

The Pot roasted chicken with lemon and olive was clearly everyone’s favourite. It was presented so well and we devoured it in no minute.

Pot Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Olive


The Baklava was simply divine. I couldn’t resist stopping with having just one. Simply the best that I have tasted so far.


Their Pistachio pudding is something that my friends really enjoyed. I didn’t fancy it much. The Tiramisu was spot on. Loved the texture and the flavor of coffee was simply great.



“A Taste of Mediterranean” has exposed my taste buds to a whole new menu of Mediterranean dishes. Don’t miss out this opportunity to taste some exotic Mediterranean food.



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