The Fabric of Dreams |Palam Silks

I vividly remember that there used to be a phase where girls wouldn’t know how to drape a saree, or feel shy to sport one, feel uncomfortable wearing one and make a fuss. But now sarees are the most fashionable and sought after attire and I think Palam silks has also contributed to that change in a significant way.

Palam Silks recently had curated exhibition called The Fabric of Dreams, an exhibition and sale of Kanchivaram sarees at the Folly, Amethyst. Palam silks are always know for their innovative ideas of blending traditional and modern.


Palam Silks as a brand is know for blurring out the lines between traditional and modern so beautifully, which makes it very popular among the youngsters. So this time when they had displayed their Kanchivaram sarees I was very excited.

Saree display
Mrs. Jeyasree with the models displaying the Fabric of Dreams collection

Every festival or auspicious event in every South Indian household come draped in Kanchivaram sarees. I have quite a good collection of sarees and most of them are Kanchivaram pattu sarees. I personally feel that there can be noting to beat our traditional and intricately worked Kanchivaram pattu. Gone are the days when these heavily worked sarees were meant only for the brides. Palam Silks has so many options for every occasion.

palam silks

The sarees on display had very interesting colour combinations that you don’t find easily. With heavy and rich Zari pallu, they will make heads turn. When you feel the saree you will be surprised to find them not very heavy, so its easy to carry yourself in it. I had a few favourites in this collection which were very unique.

Liked this best

They also had a photo exhibition – Kanchivaram on the Silk Route, a collection of pictures shot in the ancient silk trail connecting India, Tibet and China. The pictures featured models clad in beautiful Kanchivaram silk sarees with the snow capped mountains in the backdrop.

The Fabric of Dreams is a collection of fifty limited edition sarees that revisit and refresh this great tradition. The sarees are available across all their stores. Do check them out.


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