Teppanyaki Experience | Teppan

Teppan has been on my wishlist for a very long time but because of my friends lack of interest in Japanese cuisine, I was never able to make it. Finally I got some great company and off we went to Teppan.


Located at Alwarpet, TTK road sharing the same building as Benjarong and French Loaf it’s hard to miss. Teppan is on the first floor and as you climb the stairs you get transported into another world. The interiors are kept simple yet elegant with beautiful display of antiques. Apart from regular 4 seating tables, they also have two separate rooms with a huge table with a grill plate for Teppanyaki. This space can accommodate about 6-7 persons. 

The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan, which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled, broiled, or pan-fried.


My friends and myself went in for the Non Veg set meal. First to arrive was Tori Sarada, a delicious chicken salad with ice berg lettuce, spicy mayo and grilled chicken topped with tempura crunch. It was well seasoned and the crunch added a lot of texture to the salad. I loved it.

Next to be served was Naruto Maki, some Sea Bass Sushi. I’m a great fan of Sushi and I devoured the entire plate. I also tried a vegetarian option which I found to be a little bland. Sushi can be very tricky. I’ve found good palatable Sushi only in select restaurants and Teppan just made it to my list. 

I didn’t quite enjoy the Meso soup which is a traditional Japanese soup made with fermented soy bean paste and tofu. 


The chef arrived with all the ingredients for the live grill. The chef was very entertaining and friendly. 

Diners enjoy Teppanyaki not only for the food but also for the performance artistry of the Teppanyaki chef who masterfully chops and dices the food then sets the entire grill aflame. 

It was quite thrilling to watch all this live show with fire and the chef’s skills. For the main course you can choose any 2 options from Chicken, Beef, Fish and Prawns. I choose White Fish fillet and Prawn. The fish and prawn felt very fresh and tasted great. Both prepared with oyster sauce, garlic and lemon it was simply too good. 

The chef made us some Tori Yakimeshi. Sautéed with garlic butter, this chicken and egg fried rice made with sticky rice was well seasoned and packed with a lot of flavor. 

For desserts we were asked to select any 3 desserts from their dessert collection. The dessert were good but nothing great to mention. 


The Non Veg is priced at 799/- INR. 


Great food and definitely worth the Teppanyaki experience. 


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