Maplai restaurant is quite popular and needs no introduction at all to our Chennai makkal. 

Especially if you’re a hard core Non-Vegetarian with a huge appetite, don’t miss out on their Maplai Virundhu, a grand feast with over 50 items UNLIMITED!! 

If you live away from the city, you can check out their recently launched restaurant at ECR. I visited their Nungambakkam outlet and this review is based on that experience. 


Located in Nungambakkam right on Sterling Avenue, it’s hard to miss. As you approach Sterling Road from Loyola College, take right which leads to Valluvar Kottam and you’ll find Maplai on your left, just opposite Just Casuals, the apparel store. The interiors are kept simple. Nothing great to mention about the ambiance.


The Mango Monster shake, truly a monster in size is a must try if they still have it in their menu. Freshly cut mangoes topped with mango pulp and mango ice cream is simply out of the world. The ice cream which is made in house tastes so natural and fresh. It was simply divine. 

Maplai’s menu is quite different and elaborate. Some of the dishes in their menu are a rare sight to find even in our own kitchens these days. 

The Karukke Murukke Vendakai is a crispy fried okra dish eaten like a snack or starter. It was quite different. The Paneer Pepper fry tasted a little similar to the Brian fry we carnivores devour. 

The Vazhaipoo (banana blossom) Kola Urundai tasted great. What was surprising is that it was made sans the dhal which is a very important ingredient which helps hold the mixture together. 

My favorite was the Chepamkizhangu (collacassia root) roast. The root was cut into uniform thin slices and roasted along with some lovely spices. It was crispy and evenly coated with seasoning. 

Among the Non vegetarian starters I enjoyed the Chicken ka Thakali and the Guntur Prawn Fry. The former is a little sweet but it is also tangy enough that balances the sweetness. The latter is very spicy but the prawns were juicy and I loved it. 

My friends loved the Scotched eggs. The minced Chicken coating on the eggs was quite tasty. 

I ordered some Malabar Parotta and Kal Dosai to go with the gravies. The Malabar Parotta was very soft and fluffy. Easily one of the best I’ve had so far. 

The Nattu Kozhi Masala was spicy and tasty but I liked the Nadan mutton curry the best. It’s a Kerala style curry typical with the flavor of coconut. The mutton was cooked well and the gravy was spicy enough for me. It went well with both the kal Dosai and Malabar Parotta.


The desserts were very impressive and was unlike anything that we get in other restaurants. They’ve tried fusing our local ingredients with some famous desserts and created magic. I enjoyed the Coconut soufflé and their famed Maplai Falooda. Their Karupattimisu, which is tiramisu with Karupaatti vellam (palm jaggery) is a must try. 


An impressive and different menu. Go for it. 


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