Noodles with a Twist |No Strings Attached 

No Strings Attached (NSA) is a canteen style eatery opened quite recently in Adyar. Located just outside Ganapathy Ram theatre, inside the same premises, stands this tiny container like structure.  Once you enter, you can find a clean and spotless kitchen area at one end and the rest of the space with exactly 10 bar stools and 2 eating counters. It’s evident that this joint is meant for a quick bite or take aways. 

The menu is kept very simple with about 10-11 dishes, with noodles being the main ingredient and served in take away containers. 

We started off with the SOUPER which is tangy tomoto soup with noodles. The flavour of tomatoes was very evident and it tasted very fresh unlike soups in other joints where the flavour is masked by the taste of MSG. 

All the sauces prepared are in house and contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or MSG. 

The humble Samosa is transformed with mildly spiced noodles and Vegetables filling. It was crispy with hardly any trace of oil. Looked like it was made in an air fryer. 

Rolly Polly (Spring Rolls)

The NOMOSA, that’s what the samosas are called are made in small batches and so they change the oil frequently. 

The MAKHANI which is noodles tossed in Paneer Makhani was a let down for me. It was a little bland for my palate. The MANCHURIAN on the other hand was quite spicy and enjoyed by all. 


My personal favorite was MADRAS which was very similar to Sambhar rice. It was well seasoned and the noodles blended so well with the South Indian flavored masalas. 


The Mexican styled noodles wrapped inside Tortilla called ITS A WRAP was another favorite. I highly recommend this if you’re in a hurry and want to grab something that is not fussy to eat or looking for something healthy. The filling has got a generous amount of veggies and mayonnaise in addition to the noodles. I simply loved it.

It’s A Wrap

The Pizza topped with noodles and cheese was quite different. The Spring rolls stuffed with noodles is a light snack and tastes good. 


MILANO is noodles tossed in a pink sauce flavored with Italian herbs and spices. I kind of liked it and preferred it to MUANG THAI, which is noodles in Green Thai curry sauce. 


The CRIDDLE which is a mixed fried rice with noodles is for people who cannot bear to pair noodles with different sauces or see it in a different form.



I found the prices to be quite economical. Definitely VFM for the quantity that is served. 


Too many noodles variety and after a point your palate gets confused. My suggestion is to order one or two dishes at a time. A great place to grab a snack on the go. 


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