Based on a True Story | BOATS

Based on a True Story or BOATS was the talk of the town when they launched a few months back on the shores of our Elliot’s Beach. Another great addition to the ever growing line of restaurants along the Beach. But what took me so long to check them out?

I must say that it’s very difficult to gain entry into this resto bar because of their strict couples only entry rule on Weekends.

Thankfully on weekdays especially for lunch that rule doesn’t apply. I had been here earlier and found the food to be exceptionally good and so when I was invited by the management to check them out, I simply couldn’t refuse.


We didn’t try the cocktails as some of us had to drive back home. The mocktail menu is very limited with only about 6-7 drinks and we decided to try all of them. 

The mock tails were not very impressive but if you still want to try them, then go for Broken Bridge, Love the Beach and Bessie Beach Masala


The Chicken tikka, juicy, tender and spicy with masala was delicious especially the smoked flavour enhancing the taste. A perfect accompaniment for your drinks. This was my favorite among the starters.

Chicken Tikka
Buttermilk & Oregano fried Chicken

The Buttermilk and Oregano fried Chicken was crispy and not very spicy. It tastes even better without the spicy mayo. 

Calamari Rings

The Calamari rings were quite good but definitely not the best I’ve had so far. Another starter that I enjoyed was the Honey Chilli Prawns. Prawns tossed in honey and chilly was spicy and simply too good. 

Honey & Chilly Prawns


For the main course we ordered a Alfredo Chicken pasta and it was one of the best pastas that I had in quite sometime. Cheesy and seasoned just right, it’s a must try. 

Alfredo Chicken Pasta

Another great dish was the Bessy Braised Lamb Shank. Packed with robust flavour and such tender meat that it literally falls apart with just a gentle dig of the fork, this Lamb shank dish is simply every meat lovers dream. Served with some tasty mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables, I suggest you try this. 

Nasi Goreng

The Nasi Goreng looked very colourful with sunny side up omelette, chicken satay and vegetables. The mixed meat rice had a very strong flavour and odour that may not be pleasant to everyone. Nevertheless it was tasty and we all enjoyed it. The chicken satay was perfectly grilled with some great flavours. 

Parmigiana Chicken Burger

The Parmigiana Chicken Burger is a complete meal for a person. Again one of the most sinful burgers that I have had in recent times. Just the sight of the deep fried Chicken sandwiched between fresh lettuce and tomatoes is so appetizing. The portion of the chicken parmigiana is quite big for a burger. We enjoyed every bite. 


The desserts were the only disappointment. We were served a Caramel Panacotta and Cream Brûlée. I preferred the latter which was subtle and nice. The former was topped with a thick layer of rich and sticky caramel sauce which was too much for a person like me who is not a great fan of caramel. The Roasted Peach and Cream was good but nothing very great about it. 


I LOVED everything that I tasted. Even if I tried so hard I don’t think I can find fault with the food except the desserts. Do give it a try.


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