Kasimedu Special | Seafood Festival | The Dining Room | Park Hyatt

The Dining Room at Park Hyatt is back with another food festival this month and this one's very exciting. Some of the finest and fresh catch from Kasimedu has made it to the Seafood festival at the Dining Room.

Apart from grilled, steamed and stir fried fish, there's an entire spread of both local and international seafood special. It is a rotating menu so be prepared for surprises.

They have an attractive display of the day's catch and a live grill to cater to your taste. Once we were seated comfortably, the starters arrived at our table.
The clear Steamed Seafood Soup set the ball rolling for the night. One may be put off by the strong smell of seafood but we loved the taste.

The golden brown Crab Cakes with remoulade sauce were crispy and light. It tasted so good that we couldn't stop with just a piece. It was over in no time.

The Indian style Basa fish was made into small bits and thankfully there were no bones in the pieces. Coated evenly with spicy masala and deep fried, it was my favorite.

A simple Grilled fish that was brought to the table looked quite attractive but it was very bland for my palate. Also there were a lot of bones in it which made it very uncomfortable to eat.

The deep fried Indian style Lady fish was another starter that I enjoyed. It was crispy and well marinated with masala. There was no hassle in eating this because It had just one bone in the centre.

The Grilled Prawns were well done and tasted great. They looked very attractive with part of the shell on, but you lose patience trying to take them apart. Try squeezing some lemon juice over the prawns and you will love it. The acidic taste of the lemon lends a great tangy flavour to this dish.
Moving on to the main course, the steamed rice with some Goan Prawn curry was just BRILLIANT. Not only did the curry look mouth watering with the deep crimson colour, it was also packed with a lot of flavour and I enjoyed every mouthful. You can also try having this with some parattas.

The Thai sea food curry was another great dish. It was a mixed seafood curry with prawns, fish and mussels. I simply loved it with steamed rice. Although I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't take more than a few mouthfuls as It was very spicy, But great flavours.

The Meen Polichathu is a much sought after dish from Kerala cuisine. The Fish is smeared with masala, wrapped in banana leaves and shallow fried. Most of the restaurants don't succeed in getting this dish right. There's always something amiss. But The Dining Room nailed it. The coating of masala on the fish had formed a crispy crust and it had got absorbed well into the flesh of the fish. Just too good.

I'm a great fan of the The Dining Room desserts and always look forward to having them whenever I dine here.
We were served an assorted platter of some of their desserts for the day. The Fruit log was my favorite. The Black Forest cake was also great. The Lemon Delight had a weird after taste but my friends seemed to enjoy it. The Berry Yoghurt with a berry compote was quite tangy.

The warm and gooey Chocolate Pudding is what made my day. Every mouthful of that sinfully dark chocolate felt heavenly. It was simply divine.
In the end you don't have to feel guilty of overindulgence because Seafood feels light and is a healthier option any day. I was quite impressed with what they had to offer and so will you.

The Sea Food Festival will run till 26 July, 2017

Time: 7 P.M. to 11 P.M.

Price: 1600++ taxes for dinner

Venue: The Dining Room, Park Hyatt Chennai

For more information or to make a reservation at The Dining Room, please call 044 4991 9965 or 044 7177 1234.


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